Don't worry, it's by our own choice, and it's a really good thing!

Why are we paying more for our food and drinks? Because we're the best tippers in the country! Time compiled which states tip the best (and worst) and, as is tradition, Idaho topped the list. Hawaii finished dead last, with an average tipping percentage of 14.8%. Idahoans toppled every other state with an average gratuity of 17.4%.

So how do you measure something like that? Time calculated credit and debit transitions from this July from venues using Square as their method of payment. That includes everything from mom and pop shops to major national restaurants and retailers.

One odd result from the study is states with some of the highest earners (like California and Washington D.C.) gave some of the lowest tips. The only exception to this rule was Alaska, which includes some of the highest earners and tippers in the country.


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