On Tuesday Boise State football coach Bryan Harsin made a brilliant call. He sent his two quarterbacks, Brett Rypien and Montell Cozart to meet with the press.

Rypien had been BSU's main quarterback last season, so when a new quarterback not only entered the lineup but also sent Rypien to the sidelines after missed opportunities, many questioned if there was tension behind the scenes with these two.

If there was drama, it wasn't shown. Both Rypien and Cozart took turns praising each other after their 24-13 win over Troy.


However, BSU fans still had questions - questions that a reporter asked Harsin during a press conference on Thursday. Coach Harsin bristled, "There is no battle, I thought we made that perfectly clear."

Ouch! Coach was still a bit sensitive to discern the difference and let go with full game face.

Harsin went on the say "That's old school thinking and if both deserve to play they'll play."

At least it's nice to know the coach is ready to play and if the players are as wound up as he is look out Cougars!

Harsin went on the say both quarterbacks have had a good week so expect to see both in the game. Any more questions?

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