Now that it looks like we’re officially done with the freezing weather and snow storms (knock on wood), experts say now is the perfect time to…

Plant your gardens!


We’ve had numerous friends who have been absolutely itching to plant new babies or to get new plants for both inside and outside, but the weather has been too unpredictable.

If you do it too soon in Idaho, they’re likely to instantly die. 

*Cue: the random snowstorm we just had two weeks ago.*


However, it appears that we’re officially in the full swing of spring, and although you can generally plant year round, early spring is a major planting period and a great time to begin.

If you’re looking to plant vegetables in an edible garden, click here for more information.

This includes what types of vegetables, and the best times to plant them.


If you’d prefer to plant trees, shrubs and flowers, click here

This explains why it’s best to plant these types of greenery during dormant months (early spring).


However, if you’re more interested in trying out your green thumb with indoor plants, before investing in an outdoor garden, continue reading below for plant suggestions, advice for beginners and the best places to shop for plants in the Treasure Valley!

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