As the weather gets warmer, it’s the season for parties

And we mean giant parties – whether it’s for a birthday, graduation, retirement, bachelor/bachelorette, etc.

However, oftentimes when you get a group of people together that is that large, it’s difficult to find activities that everyone can do together.

Sure, you can hit up the bars in downtown Boise and pretend you’re in Las Vegas… but that gets old pretty fast. 


Well luckily for you, there’s actually a few hidden gems located right in the heart of downtown Boise that are perfect for groups!

In fact, they’re super fun even if you only have a few friends, and even if it’s just a random night of the week.

So try out one of these unique experiences the next time you're at a loss of what you should do… but make sure to have your camera ready, because these are bound to provide plenty of crazy memories.

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