The remaining three weeks of the season will make or break the year for Boise State football. The Broncos have two top 20 ranked football teams coming to the blue in Fresno State this Friday ranked 16th and in two weeks Utah State comes to tow, they are currently ranked 14th.

Obviously if Boise State wins both those games and their game next week at New Mexico they'd win the Mountain West crown and would most certainly be ranked in the top 25 again.

It's an exciting time but in Boise State fashion the Bronco players and coaches refuse to talk any further than this Friday and Fresno State.

The last time the Bulldogs played on the blue was in the Mountain West championship game won by the Broncos who took the title but only scored 17 points in the win.

Fresno State this year has allowed five conference opponents just 36 total points, or 7.2 points per game in posting a 5-0 conference mark.

Overall the Bulldog defense is giving up just 12.3 points per game.

All that being said the Boise State Broncos know what is at stake the next three weeks and the fact every goal they had to begin the season remains attainable. Not that it'll be easy mind you but attainable.

The fun starts at 8:15 p.m. Friday night at Albertson's Stadium.

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