Two big racing weekends in a row at Meridian Speedway! Last week there was racing in conjunction with Meridian Dairy Days. here are the results:

College of Western Idaho Dairy Days Races

Saturday’s Unofficial Results

CWI Dairy Days Races


Main Events

College of Western Idaho Super Stocks (35 laps)-1. Melissa Arte 2. Ben Crow 3. Ron Hayes 4. Gale Carter 5. John Riparetti

TEAM Mazda Mini Stocks (40 laps)-1. Terrell Daffron 2. Ray Bolinger 3. Jason Sanders 4. Ian Michael 5. Larry Hull

TATES Rents Hornets (30 laps)-1. Josh Parkilla 2. Josh Randolph 3. Andrew Harbeston 4. Tommy Harrod 5. Monica Heath

Thunderdogs (5 laps)-1. Bumper Sniffer

Heat Races

(8 laps each)

College of Western Idaho Super Stocks

A Heat-1. Melissaa Arte 2. Ben Crow 3. Daniel Johnson 4. Gale Carter 5. Ron Hayes

B Heat-1. John Riparetti 2. Hunter Gates 3. Tommy Harrod 4. Brandon Hild

TEAM Mazda Mini Stocks

A Heat-1. Jason Sanders 2. Luke Wolverton 3. Ray Bolinger 4. Jayson Wardle 5. Terrell Daffron

B Heat-1. Billy Shipp 2. Fred Vigil 3. Mitch Eckhardt 4. Katie Lober

TATES Rents Hornets

A Heat-1. Josh Parkkila 2. Andrew Harbeston 3. Tommy Harrod 4. Michael Capps 5. James Pahl

B Heat-1. Cody Garrett 2. Neil Wassmuth 3. JD Southern 4. Tony Baker 5. Bill Malone

C Heat-1. Will Ostrum 2. Cole Kelsay 3. Brandon Kelley 4. Joe Pettit 5. Jennifer Wardle*

*Queen Bee

Trophy Dashes

(4 laps each)

CWI Super Stocks – Melissa Arte

TEAM Mazda Mini Stocks – Jason Sanders

TATES Rents Hornets – Josh Parkkila


CWI Super Stocks-Melissa Weaver, 14.131 seconds

TEAM Mazda Mini Stocks-Ray Bolinger, 15.308 seconds

TATES Rents Hornets-Tommy Harrod, 16.498 seconds

This Holiday weekend there will be racing both Saturday July 1st and Tuesday the 4th The Pro Trucks and Whelen Modifieds will share the spotlight on Saturday and on Tuesday the 4th of July it's be the Firecracker 50 followed by Fireworks presented by the city of Meridian.

Don't forget we'll have our Meridian Speedways Hot laps report Thursday June 29th on KFXD 630 The Fan on how you can be part of the weekend fun..

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