Do you ever feel like you're one ticket away from hitting it big? There's a chance you're 100% correct.

A northern Idaho woman is $1,000,000 richer after winning the top prize in the Idaho $1,000,000 raffle. She purchased her winning ticket at a Super 1 Foods store in Post Falls. She explains the strategy behind choosing that exact location:

You got extra holiday tickets for each Raffle ticket you bought at the Super 1. I thought it sounded like a good idea to get my tickets then, so I sent my son to the store to buy two for me.

What is the woman planning on doing with her massive winnings? No plans yet, as she's still having a hard time believing she actually won! After collecting her (giant) winning check, she said:

Sometimes you don’t believe your eyes!

On top of the Idaho woman collecting her money, the Super 1 store where she purchased her ticket will be receiving a $20,000 bonus from the Idaho Lottery.


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