It was the best of Montell Cozart and the worst of Montell Cozart Saturday night in Pullman.

After Brett Rypien was knocked out of the game Cozart came on the field and ignited the Broncos to a 31-10 fourth quarter lead over Washington State. His 47 yards scoring strike to Cedric Wilson was a thing of beauty and his touchdown run, lowering his shoulder at the goal line was inspiring!

Then it fell apart. Little things at first like running out of bounds twice to stop the clock when Boise State needed the clock to run. Then, trying to make something out of nothing he flipped a pass up for grabs and the Cougars took it back for a touchdown.

Cozart isn't to blame, it was just one of those games you got the feeling wasn't in the cards for Boise State to win. Weird things were happening like the short punt with just over 2 minutes to play that hit a BSU player and was recovered by Washington State and led to the tying TD.

The last time I saw that in a Boise State game was the 2007 Fiesta Bowl and helped Oklahoma come back to force overtime. That game BSU went for two in the second overtime and if the truth be known, I bet coach Bryan Harsin would like a mulligan on his decision to force a third overtime with a 1pt pat.

Whatever the case BSU doesn't have any time to consider anything but New Mexico which comes to town Thursday night for a 6 p.m. kickoff on ESPN.

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