Former Boise State defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence apparently couldn't hold it in any longer. The Dallas Cowboys defensive end is second in the NFL with 13.5 sacks but is tired of being held by offensive lineman but never seeing a holding call.

Lawrence told reporters he hasn't seen a holding call in the last five games and according to him, he is being held all the time.

Lawrence claims he's being tackled by offensive lineman and the refs are looking the other way. "The refs are out there for nothing" Lawrence said, "if you are going to be out here, do your job!"

Lawrence went on to say if the refs are there to protect the quarterbacks they should be there to protect defensive ends as well "I have a family to come home too" Lawrence added..

Lawrence may well face a fine for his comments as he really didn't "hold" anything back and that will get you a flag every time!

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