I live in the Treasure Valley. In Idaho. In Meridian. What am I supposed to call myself in reference to that? Member of the Treasure Valley is too formal and weird sounding. Treasure Vallian isn't a term (or is it? Do people call themselves Treasure Vallians?). Idahoan doesn't feel right because I'm not from Idaho. I hear a lot of "you're not a true Idahoan" floating around and it feels like I have to earn that badge with more time or something. So I like to say I'm a Meridianite--someone who lives in Meridian. Mostly because it's fun to say and sounds like I'm from the Bible.

Do you use the city you live in as the identifier too? And if so, what do you call yourselves? Here's my break down of what I think residents should be called based on city:
Boise; Boisian
Meridian; Meridianite
Star; Star
Caldwell; Caldwellian
Nampa; Nampanite
Mountain Home; Mountain Homie
Garden City; Gardener
Eagle; Eagle
Kuna; Kunan
Middleton; Middletonian

I think it's obvious I made these up. I don't know that anyone from Garden City is calling themselves Gardener. But whatever the actual terms are, is that what most of you go with? Keeping it broad makes more sense on a national scale. Easy to understand what an Idahoan is. Not sure that someone from Philly would immediately grasp what it means that you're a Nampanite without further explanation. I just know the members of the Treasure Valley are a proud people and I want to know what everyone calls themselves in relation to that. Let me know. I'm sticking with Meridianite.

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