FACT || Unless we have Dr. Ernest Melville and an awkwardly topless brunette to prevent our impending expiration, death becomes us all.



Those who missed 38 Special's memo to "hold on loosely," might have an especially difficult time accepting the actual departure of their dearly departed ones. For that reason and others, some might elect to keep their deceased loved ones close to home. Like, super close. Wait for it...we'll get there.

Clearly not a fan of the mid-nineteen-seventies rock band, Rose exercised no reservations in letting Jack go. As soon as the rescue boat arrived, girlfriend bounced with the Heart of the Ocean. Cold-blooded, Rose. But I respect the hustle, 'sis.



Back to the point...



It was a chat on the evergreen subject and potential for a zombie apocalypse to spring on the human race with Chris Cardenas, the afternoon host of Mix 106, that Ied me to wonder about Idaho's burial and cremation laws.

The discoveries were weird.

The insights were awkward.



One Google-hour later, I discovered four Idaho burial rules and regulations that left me like...



'Twas then I realized my calling...

No, not po-tay-toes, Frodo, although I do love them in literally in any form. 



It was my civic duty to inform our listeners of these four most out-there Idaho burial laws on the books.

It gets weird, but journey with me, friends.



1|| So long as deceased are buried within 24 hours of expiration, embalming is optional.



2 || Whether the dead is buried on private property or within the confines of a public cemetery, caskets are as optional as black-tie attire. If you're burial'ing your loved ones on a budget, you're in...*luck*–I suppose?

Casket-couponers call this an eco-friendly burial. Thanks for the memories, Uncle Carl...and...for...volunteering as fertilizer tribute.



3 || Idaho permits citizens to bury loved ones on private, residential property.

Like, in their backyards. Or next to the shed. Wherever there's room in the garden. As a matter of fact, only four states in the U.S. ban this practice.

Friendly PSA: be sure to check with your local county's burial and cremation board for the best place to stick grandma in the side-yard.



4 || Idaho advises us to exercise "tact" when scattering our loved ones' ashes to the winds, but thassa 'bout all, ya'll.

There are certain rules regarding public land and public water ash-scattering practices, but for the most post, you're free to pass Great Uncle Eugene around like a bottle of Crown at a Casey Donahew party.



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