Desperate times call for desperate measures. Buying a home in Idaho for a reasonable price seems like a far gone dream these days. In hopes of finding something people are quickly dropping their standards in what they want in a home hoping for some affordability. Kind of like the people in scary movies desperate to find a home because Dad got a new job in a random small town after months of not finding work. They go ahead and move into the house that set the stage for gruesome murders and is filled with poltergeists. But it was a quick escrow and the mortgage is a steal! So are there any Idaho homes with a questionable history that lowers the price tag for prospective buyers? Yes and no.

In the summer of 1987, almost 34 years ago, an altercation broke out between three men at 805 W. Linden Street in Boise. Two men, Daron Cox and Daniel Rodgers, teamed up to murder a man called Preston Murr. He was shot to death in the home where they also dismembered his body to later dispose of him in the Brownlee Reservoir. What a cheery tale, huh? Both men were charged and convicted of the murder and went to prison. Safe to say the house became empty and available.

Well if you want to purchase the house and tell your realtor to get you a good price considering the graphic murder, it's a no-go. It appears Murder House is not on the market, but even if it were, Zillow estimates it's worth over three quarters of a million dollars ($773,825)! Almost as depressing as the murder. Just kidding! Obviously the murder was the absolute worst.


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