Freak Alley is a Boise staple. Locals and visitors know it and have most likely seen it. A quick stroll off of the main streets in downtown can easily turn into a world immersed with color, life, creativity and art. calls it, "... the northwest's largest open-air, multi-artist mural gallery, located between 8th and 9th street and Bannock and Idaho in Downtown Boise.
In 2002, the first drawing was created by Colby Akers on the back alley doorway of Moon's Cafe. Over the years, the Gallery blossomed into the true work of art it is today."

For many years a new painting event would take place every summer for new creators to show off their art skills and for the Alley to get new life. Things have slowed down over the last couple of years for the Alley with the pandemic. A few new murals were added during Treefort in 2020 but since that no real art changes since 2018. That is all about to change, and so it the Alley.

The Idaho Statesman spoke with Melissa Nodzu who became the gallery curator and director of the gallery in July 2019. "Nodzu said that she's planning for the next major refresh to come in September. The alley is also set to host a number of events in the upcoming months. Nodzu also said that she is looking to partner with local businesses to raise money for the businesses and the alley."

Do you think you have what it takes to make your mark one of the most popular walls in all of Idaho? The submission process is easy, click here to get to it. First check out what Freak Alley looked like a decade ago and keep scrolling to see what is there now.

What Did Boise's Amazing Freak Alley Look Like 10 Years Ago?

The art work in Boise's legendary Freak Alley rotates on an almost annual basis, so it's cool to see photos from YEARS ago. We found these in a YouTube video from 2013.

Here is what you will see walking down the alley today.

100 Artistic Murals Show Why Freak Alley In Boise is on Idaho's Bucket List

Freak Alley is great for a self-reset stroll, date night, or a glimpse into Boise's personality. This is over 100 pieces of creativity that live down the streets of Freak Alley.

The Forgotten Art in Boise's Underground Tunnels

Most of the art that is underground in the tunnels in downtown Boise is dated from 1986, 1987 and 1988. There are also some newer pieces from 2012. Explore this unseen murals.

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