When the university announced that it was time to replace the iconic Blue turf at Albertsons Stadium, there were no plans to sell pieces of it to fans.

And I'll be honest, there was a brief moment in time where I considered trying to pull all of the blue fibers that jumped in my wedding dress while we were taking our photos out of it to sell on eBay. The turf that got ripped out in April was originally installed in 2010, which means Kellen Moore played his last home game as a Bronco on that turf.  It's also the same turf where they were crowned the Mountain West Champions in 2017.  Naturally, hardcore Bronco fans would LOVE to own a piece of that history.

If you're one of those fans, you will have the chance to buy a piece of the turf after all! According to Idaho News, the Boise State athletic department plans on selling 500 pieces of the old turf for $39.95 at the open house that debuts the new look for "The Blue" on Wednesday.

B.A.A. members and season ticket holders will get their first crack at buying their piece of history at 5 p.m.  The general public will get an opportunity to buy the remaining pieces at 6 p.m. Sales will take place on the Hall of Fame Patio.

Originally, the athletic department thought the turf was too damaged to cut into commemorative pieces but the crew removing the old turf was able to salvage a few rolls.  If sales go well, there may an more pieces made available in the future.

...and if they're not, I know a girl with a wedding dress full of
"blue." (Just kidding! That's my history to keep now!)

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