Historians will recall the domino theory that led America into fighting the Vietnam War. The belief was that if one country fell to the communist, it would trigger other countries to fall, hence the name domino theory.   College football has its version of that theory, which began when the Big 10 announced that it would cancel all 42 non-conference games.  Sportswriters have started to pick up on the doomsday scenario that concerns over the coronavirus could topple this year's college football season.  2020 has been a challenging year, and now it could get worse.  How worse?  The other Power 5 Conferences will consider whether or not to follow the Big 10's example by canceling their non-conference games.


Most Power 5 opponents have been from the Pac-12 or TCU back in their old Mountain West days.  Florida State is different.  They're from the East Coast.  Beating an ACC team at home would launch the Broncos quickly into the top fifteen of early polls.  ACC athletic directors will meet Tuesday to discuss playing a conference schedule reports CBS Sports.  If that happens, Florida State will not be coming to the Blue this Fall.  We'll all be watching to see how the dominos fall.

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