Sources are now reporting Boise State will drop it's lawsuit against the Mountain West Conference after the leagues board of directors quietly voted to make sure the Broncos get their 1.8 million dollar football bonus under the new TV contract with FOX and CBS.

The report first surfaced in the San Diego Union-Tribune claiming the two sides are back to square one.

When the Mountain West announced the new TV deal it was mentioned this would be the last time the Broncos would receive special treatment in the form of a 1.8 million dollar bonus above what BSU and all the other league schools received from TV money.

Boise State contended their was no expiration date to the incentive deal signed by both sides in 2012 when BSU threatened to go to the Big East but stayed with the Mountain West because of the special financial incentive.

When the new TV contract was negotiated with FOX and CBS the other 11 conference schools saw this as a great opportunity to even the playing field financially. Boise State did not and filed legal papers.

A day after the filing the two sides released a joint statement that they were working together to solve the issue without legal steps.

Neither side has made an official statement but according to multiple sources it seems the issue is now resolved and the status quo restored.

No harm no foul!



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