Joe Martarano, a local football legend from Fruitland has decided to end his football career and concentrate on baseball.

Martarano was slowed last year by a knee injury but was expected to start at linebacker for the Broncos this season. He was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in 2014 and spent the summers of 2014 and 2015 playing in the Cubs minor league system.

Now Martarano has decided to chase his baseball dreams of playing for the Chicago Cubs. I'm sure the Cubs World Series title and the buzz around the franchise this spring help lead Martarano down the baseline path.

Martarano posted on Instagram that he'll always be a Bronco at heart and will cherish his four years with BSU.

Martarano actually started spring drills on Monday with the rest of the Broncos but between then and now made the decision to concentrate on baseball.

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