It is hard to tell what the College football playoff rankings committee is thinking but for now only Memphis and a win over Hawaii stands in the way of a possible New Years Six bowl bid for Boise State.

That being said, the fact the committee has a 10-2 Cincinnati team at 20th and Boise State 19th tells me they are favoring the American Athletic Conference over the Mountain West.

Cincinnati lost at Memphis last Saturday and now will host Memphis this weekend for the AAC title. If Memphis wins it's probably game over for Boise State regarding the Cotton Bowl but if Cincinnati wins and Boise State wins, would the committee favor a an 11-2 Bearcat team over a 12-1 Boise State team?

The fact the committee kept Cincinnati in the running by placing them just one spot below the Broncos in this weeks CFP rankings may indicate an AAC bias.

Bottom line, there is nothing Boise State can do to but win Saturday and hope for the best. The AAC has been lobbying for their teams while the Mountain West has just let the process play out.

The good thing about all of this is that everything usually works out when all is said and done. Boise State just needs to take care of business Saturday on the blue.

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