Boise State beat UNLV Saturday 38-13 and jumped to 14th in both the AP and USA football polls.

The Broncos are the top Group of 5 team in the Top 25 but are they really a number 14 worthy team?

The Broncos were favored by by 24 and a half points vs. UNLV and won by 25 but the overwhelming consensus is the Broncos should have won that game by 40 or more.

Personally I don't care about the point spread, the 25 is just fine by me if the Broncos had shown more of an ability to control the game. BSU scored six times and the total time of those scoring drives was just over 4 minutes. That left plenty of empty offensive time

Big plays were the difference because Boise State wasn't able to control the ball offensively and had to punt eight times.

Boise States offensive line avergaes better than 300 pounds a man and yet Boise State couldn't push UNLV off the line. Somehow it just seems to be a matter of time before the BSU inconsistencies doom them to a lose.

Not only that but it used to be UCF was the only team from the Group of 5 the Broncos had to compete with for a possible New Years Six Bowl.

UCF is gone from the top 25 after losing to Cincinnati but now there are three other Group of 5 teams replacing the Knights. SMU 6-0, Memphis 5-0 and Cincinnati 4-1 are all in the Top 25.

Next up for the Broncos is Hawaii Saturday at 8:15pm and while BSU is an early week 13 point favorite, the Rainbow Warriors are among those other teams getting votes in the polls with a win over Arizona and a complete domination at Nevada on it's 2019 resume.

In the AP poll the Broncos are sandwiched between No.13 Oregon and 15th ranked Utah and the jury is still out whether or not that's the neighborhood the Broncos belong.



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