Basketball is in the air, Treasure Valley, and now fans have a new reason to spend some time at ExtraMile Arena!

Downtown Boise has been flooded by guests, fans, and visiting basketball teams over the last few days because of the Big Sky Conference tournament. Both men's and women's teams have been taking the court at Idaho Central Arena and it has been a blast.

Now, "March Madness" is about to take over as Selection Sunday is this weekend!

As you may recall, the last time that Boise State was on their home court they secured a regular season conference championship--oh, and their fans got a little rough-housed

Security Slams Boise State Students to Ground After Win

History was made at ExtraMile Arena on the night of Tuesday, March 1st. When you think of the arena--you may think of your favorite concerts or acts. No, a sell out crowd didn't set a record. The Boise State men's basketball team did. One might think that a major celebration was in order. Clearly, some security folks had a different idea.

Now, with no court-storm in order, ExtraMile Arena is hosting an event for Boise State Basketball that they haven't been able to in the past. 

Sure, the arena COULD have hosted it--but it wouldn't make any sense. Until this year.

locked in

It's time for Leon Rice & Company to shine, Boise! 

Boise State's Most Underappreciated Star

Boise State seems to mean "football" for most, right? On a national stage, after all, it's the blue turf and the success that the Broncos have had on it that made the university a household name. What happens on the hardwood, however, is far from appreciated at the level that it should be. Leon Rice came to Boise State as a blessing from one of the most powerful basketball programs in the nation: Gonzaga University. Now, the winningest basketball coach in the history of the school seems to take immediate heat if the Broncos aren't in the Final Four. Spoiled by wins on the football field, fans seem to expect the same of the basketball program but when the investment in basketball is so much less than football--can you really have these types of expectations!?

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