A Boise man was impaled by an 8-foot tree branch while dirt biking recently and survived to tell the tale.Boise’s Jon Francey was dirt biking when he came across a downed tree on his trail. He tried to go around it, but was still impaled. At impact, the branch was just an inch and a half away from a major artery and half an inch from a major nerve.

He said the reason he's alive today is because of his friends.

One of his friends pulled out a Xacto knife and started whittling the wood away. It took an hour and a half, but they were finally able to cut through the branch. An hour and a half!

His body HAD to be in shock because he couldn’t really feel much and even managed to get on his bike and ride about two-and-a-half miles to get to the main road.

An ambulance airlifted him to Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise where he was cared for. There is a Go Fund Me to help the family with medical expenses.



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