The Boise Hawks are 12-12 on the year after being held to just four hits last night in an 11-0 beat down at Hillsboro.

The Hops jumped all over Boise pitching but all that could change tonight when Frederis Parra steps on the mound for the Hawks in Hillsboro.

Parra is 3-0 on the year, has pitched a total of 25 innings and has an earned run average (ERA) of .096. Parra might just be what Boise needs to get ahead of the Hops.

Parra has been a difference maker all season and by holding teams to less than one earned run every nine innings, Parra gives the Hawks a solid chance to win no matter what Hillsboro throws at them.

The Hawks and Hops play tonight and tomorrow in Hillsbro and then both teams travel to Boise on Wednesday to begin a three game series at memorial Stadium on Thursday.


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