The year 2021 has been a year of bouncing back. Bouncing back from the crazy time that was 2020, getting back out into the world to enjoy life, and just attempting to have “fun” again! The folks over at WalletHub recently released a list of ‘2021’s Most Fun Cities in America’ and while two cities from the Treasure Valley made the list, it’s not as high as we would like for it to be.

Photo by Will Smith on Unsplash
Photo by Will Smith on Unsplash

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average American spends close to $3,000 on entertainment annually. What does it take to be one of America’s most fun cities? WalletHub ranked each city based on several categories including entertainment and recreation, nightlife and parties, and costs resulting in a cumulative score.

To no one’s surprise, Las Vegas came in at number one behind a number one score in nightlife and parties with a score of three under entertainment and recreation. The ol’ Sin City, however, ranked 105th when it came to costs which shouldn’t shock anyone. Rounding out the top five overall scores are Orlando in second, Atlanta in third, Miami in fourth, and New Orleans coming in fifth place.

For Idaho, Boise comes in at number 64 overall with a score of 36.06. It’s important to note however that out of the 182 cities listed, Boise did come in at 40th when it came to cost (take that Las Vegas!). When it came to entertainment and recreation, Boise ranked at 60 while sitting at just 80th when it came to nightlife and parties.

It’s not just Boise representing for Idaho either, we have Nampa coming in at 150 on the list which isn’t necessarily the best but at least it made the list! At the very least, Nampa can boast about their rank in cost coming in at 101st out of 182.

For me personally, I am thrilled with these rankings because we’re still on the list of “2021 Most Fun Cities” but we’re not high enough on the list to where we’ll attract an even BIGGER influx of people moving here than we already have. What do you think?

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