The political climate more than ever in recent history, was heated during the 2020 campaigns. Rhetoric, attacks, divisiveness-- you name it and it was a part of the campaign trail.  After the January 20th inauguration, it feels like people have been at least a little kinder--but perhaps I'm only speaking from my own experience.

I keep seeing posts around social media, especially on Twitter, about a "second inauguration" that is going to be happening in August of this year. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, it's pretty clear that there is no such "inauguration" happening or any grounds for one to happen--but there are many hopefuls. Here in the State of Idaho, it's not rare to see massive "F*ck Biden" flags flying among other messaging where Trump won by a landslide.

  Here's what isn't entirely clear: are these opportunists looking to capitalize on a good joke, or are there really tickets being sold? With no inauguration taking place in August, there are NO tickets to be sold. Many online fact-checkers like USA Today have been unable to find where one might purchase these tickets--but others claim they've see options to buy them for $1,200 to see Kid Rock preform at this fictitious inauguration.

What we know, most importantly, is that this entire thing is a hoax and hopefully, nobody in Idaho--where over 500,000 residents voted for Donald Trump-- is looking for them, believing them, or trying to buy them--even worse: sending $1,200 anywhere for these things.

Online scams AND jokes are rampant--be safe and smart out there, Idaho

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