I love playing disc golf that being said, I am not very good. I can keep up but mostly play for fun with my little fam. I have been lucky enough to see some expert players in action and it is awesome. There was a PDGA Disc Golf World Championship in Utah with thousands of spectators. Tons of Idahoans were in attendance.

Everyone in the Disc Golf community, players, spectators, and onlookers are calling this the most historic disc golf shot ever. James Conrad was down by one after hours and hours and dozens upon dozens of holes. He literally HAD to make this very difficult shot in order to take the championship into the playoffs and have a chance to keep competing.

James is going for a birdie and is 247 feet from the basket. It is not a straight shot either, he has to curve it just right around thick trees to make it in. In the video you can see him calculating, everyone is silent. He launches a powerful through that soars, curves and makes it in!  The crowed went absolutely nuts.

James makes it and enters himself into the Playoff and eventually wins the entire championship. It was all possible because of this one insane shot. According to SBNation,  The shot, and the event was enough to move Conrad to 6th in the world rankings, up from the 10th spot.

If you want to give disc golf a try, I highly recommend it, fun for all. Here is a list with some season and course info about local Treasure Valley disc golf places worth checking out.

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