Thought I'd step back from sports to talk about Idaho Day. March 3rd and 4th 2017 has been set aside to reflect on everything Idaho has to offer and why we have chosen to make Idaho our home.

Ironically my selfish side has reared it's head because what I have loved about Idaho since my days at Idaho State University is the fact nobody knew about Idaho. It was my little secret that I stumbled across so many years ago.

Now every where you look there are articles on what a great place Idaho is to live! Enough already..if it's so great here, why do East coast folks think we are Iowa or Ohio. That's right, forget the great things you've heard about Idaho it's probably all fake news!

Did you hear about all the snow we had this year, it was horrible. I will admit the skiing is fantastic and the vistas are majestic but we can't live by vistas alone!

Some people like the fact you can snow ski, golf, cycle, hike and fish all in the same day. Highly overrated!

The traffic in Boise has become ridiculous. The other day as I turned into my work place parking lot along the greenbelt I had to wait for several Canada Geese to cross the road. They honked at me go figure. Then a pair of Bald Eagles swooped out of a nearby tree distracting me to the point I almost hit a parked car. Is this really the life you want to live?

The Boise River flows through the capital city and they say it's one of the great trout fisheries anywhere but they make you buy a license to fish. Then in the summers there are all these people laughing and floating the river having fun and that ruins the fishing.

Yep as a Boise-Eagle resident I can be in the desert along the Snake River to the south or in the Idaho wilderness to the North in minutes but remember, there aren't a lot of convenience stores or shopping malls along the way so be prepared to rough it. Burgers, steaks and hotdogs on the grille might be your only source of sustenance. It's not easy if you live in Idaho so think twice when you read all those great articles.

For those of you who already live here, am I right? I know some of you will read between the lines and think Idaho sounds real amazing.

It's supposed to be a secret and that's what I love most about Idaho our little secret hideaway.


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