Local pups need your help, after they were left in awful conditions in a hoarding situation.

Recently, a welfare check in Weiser, ID presented law enforcement with an unfortunate discovery. Officers revealed there were 43 dogs that were neglected, unkempt and living in awful conditions. Officers claim that the dogs did not appear to have gone out of the house, or be around people other than the owner.

According to KTVB, there were pregnant and newborn puppies "locked away in bedrooms, closets; some dogs were tucked away behind the oven, others hiding behind couches."

Officers claimed that there wasn't an inch of floor showing due to the feces, and that the smell was so bad, it burned your lungs when you entered the house.

If you'd like to help out, whether it's volunteering your time or providing supplies for the pups, you can learn more at their website HERE. 

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