Bronco Mendenhall has been on the Blue before. He has never won on the Blue but he has beaten Boise State twice in Provo while head coach of the BYU Cougars.

Mendenhall has moved on the Virginia where as head coach he has the Cavaliers 2-1 on the season with victories over UCONN and William & Mary and a loss to Indiana.

All three of those games were played at Virginia but Friday night the Cavaliers will be in Boise to experience a Bronco crowd their Bronco has said can be very loud and intimidating.

Boise State played at Virginia in 2015 winning 56-14 but this is the first time Boise State has hosted an ACC team during the regular season.

Not only that but the Virginia team of 2015 wasn't coached by Mendenhall, he took over following the 2015 season.

Mendenhall says he knows the Broncos well and say BSU will be aggressive to start the game, play hard and fast and as the visitor you need to survive that onslaught.

This will be one of Virginia's longest road trips ever, 2,400 miles overall and they'll be coming to a stadium where Boise State has won 24 straight games against non-conference opponents. That streak dates back to 2005 when the Broncos lost to Boston College in the MPC Computer Bowl.

More than 31,000 tickets have been sold for the Friday night 6 p.m. showdown so BSU fans will be on hand as the Broncos try and beat Bronco again on the Blue and improve to 3-1.

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