Growing up, I vividly recall thinking my mom was a weirdo for bragging about the .3 error she corrected while balancing her checkbook. Sitting at the kitchen table, she’d take an impressively deep drag on her Kool Milds and marvel at her mathematical handiwork.

And Dad? He was a bigger weirdo than Mom in my kid-mind. Around the time Tiger Woods had risen to fame in the ‘90s, Dad took to collecting Wheaties boxes with the famed golfer’s face on them. Sitting atop the Toshiba TV with faux wood trim lived his trove of edible trophies.

God forbid one of us kids had to adjust the rabbit ears to get a clearer sound or picture of whatever was playing on The Box. Out of nowhere and from any distance, we could hear him yelling at us not to touch his Tigers.

Fast-forward 20-something years later, and my transition to true adulthood was benchmarked by eight bags of used and perfectly folded gift bag tissue paper in the guest room closet.

I'm not alone in this, friends. It's happening to you, too, just in a Boise way. Don't believe me? Check out the 10 signs that prove Boise millennials are turning into our parents.

1. Nothing—and I mean NOTHING—says you’re the boss like a monthly subscription to a local car wash like Epic Shine or Rocket Express.

Dirty cars? Phssst! More like child's play.


2. When you fill the refillable containers you brought from home at "the Winco."

Silly rabbit, plastic bags are for kids.


3. When you're first in line at Coffee Studio at 7am for French-pressed or pour-over coffee to sip while you catch up with your "programs" on your phone.


4. When you realize water aerobics at the West Y is all your body can handle after Crossfit injuries beat it into submission over the last 15 years.


5. You're growing collection of Costo carry-out boxes. They lack lids and come in the oddest assortment of dimensions that make them pointless in any other facet of your life, but you just can't part with some of them.


6. The electric feeling you get from buying a new appliance at Boise's Lowes or Home Depot. And then the urge to tell everyone in line about said feeling–don't forget to mention the savings and the sweet warranty you scored.


7. When you buy your pet vaccinations from Tractor Supply Co. and administer them to your dogs and cats at home.


8. When casually bragging about your Albertson's gas points becomes a flex.


9. The moment you realize you're squinting to hear better as you talk above the noise at a Steelhead's game.


10. The first time you pay it forward at a restaurant like Old Chicago for a nice young couple that reminds you of you and your spouse back in the day.


Just like that, my fellow millennials, we became our parents all over this Treasure Valley. With perks like cheaper auto insurance, better budgeting skills, and nifty little life hacks in our bag of tricks, getting older isn't so bad after all.

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