11-year-old Julius Longfellow will no longer be with us.  He was put down this morning at Zoo Boise.

Julius had a bad fall and zoo officials couldn't get him back up.  There is no word on how or why the fall came.  A necropsy will be performed to help shed light on this tragic event.

The director of Zoo Boise, Steve Burns had this to say...

“This is a devastating day for the Zoo Boise family and the entire Boise community.  Julius Longfellow was beloved by visitors of all ages. He was a part of our family and we will miss him.”

Julius has been with us here in Boise since 2008.  $32,000 was raised to bring him over from wildlife park in Clinton, Ohio.  His first name came from one of the generous donors and the last name came from Longfellow Elementary School in Boise who made great efforts to raise money for Julius as well.

Jabari, a 7-year-old giraffe is now the only giraffe at Zoo Boise.  A search is under way to provide Jabari with a friend.

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