Like dunks? Got about an hour to spare? Then are you in luck.

YouTuber Rabit has done the world a favor and created this supercut of every dunk that got a perfect score during the NBA's dunk contest since 1984.

It's perfect timing since the dunk contest took place this past weekend (Zach LaVine won it for the second year in a row).

The whole video runs 52 minutes, so settle in because this ride through time will take, well, plenty of time.

They're all here, too, from the legends (Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins) to the still hard to believe (Spud Webb and Nate Robinson) to the obscure-slash-long-forgotten (Terrence Stansbury and Gerald Wilkins).

Dr. J should be proud that an art form he's credited with pretty creating has evolved over the years because this is ridiculously impressive and shows the athleticism these players have.

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