The Broncos have already had a phenomenal start to the 2016 season.  They've got a 45-10 win against Louisiana Lafayette under their belts and their second opponent, the Washington State Cougars, lost to an FBS team this weekend.  So why is no one buying Boise State Season tickets?

According to Channel 2, as of Friday the university has sold 1,500 fewer season tickets this year than they had at this point in 2015.  It could be any number of factors. One could be the price. Coming off an 8-4 season, season tickets in the general admission North End jumped from $155 in 2015 to $165 in 2016.

A second factor could be that last year, Boise State made single game tickets for Coach Pete's return to the blew helming the Washington Huskies unavailable to fans. Only season ticket holders would receive seats to the game and had the exclusive rights to buy an uncapped number of single tickets for friends and family.  This year, single game tickets are still available for the home opener against WSU on Saturday, September 10th.

However, Athletic Director Curt Apsey tells Channel 2 he believes that late kickoffs, like this week's 8:15 p.m. kick off, are the biggest factor.  The late kickoffs occur because of Boise State's contracts with the TV stations that give them millions of dollars for rights to the Broncos games.  It's unlikely that the university will turn their back on that money any time in the near future.

This is the first year that my boyfriend and I have actually purchased season tickets.  To be honest, we're just relieved to not have to scrounge for tickets from week to week.  While we're not looking forward to games when it's 20 degrees in November, we know how important it is to the team for Bronco Nation to show up and support them!