A few onramps here in the Treasure Valley, depending on the time of day, are actually some of the most stressful "roads" in our area.  High traffic volume, some sun in your eyes, and a limited window to get your car from the onramp to the freeway can at times, offer quite the dose of anxiety.

So, what is a driver to do? More times than not, these onramps are where intense road rage or anger can start. Who gets the right of way? Who yields to who? Can we settle this debate once and for all? Odds are, you may not expect the correct answer on this one.

Have you ever found yourself almost onto an Idaho freeway, particularly the I-84 that runs through the Treasure Valley, and then suddenly you're slamming on the breaks or way into the shoulder (if there even is one) because of a car, truck, or semi that "isn't letting you over"?

It's easy to get mad in these instances.

Here is the honest truth-- YOU the merging driver, are to YIELD TO THEM! 

Officer Knoll of the Coeur d'Alene Police Department breaks down the law for everyone in a recent video, below:

If you don't believe Officer Knoll, the TRUTH of the matter here is actually defined very clearly in Idaho's traffic laws. Pay attention, mergers:

Idaho State Code 49-642. Vehicle entering highway. The driver of a vehicle about to enter or cross a highway from any place other than another highway shall yield the right-of-way to all vehicles approaching on the highway to be entered or crossed.

In other words, if you are merging onto I-84, you MUST yield to the vehicles already on the highway-- whether they are "letting you over" or not. Failure to do so COULD result in a $90 ticket!! 

Thanks for coming to Mateo's Traffic School. Any questions?

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