If you are tired of all the bluebloods of college basketball taking home the National trophies 2017 might just be your year despite the fact few people saw it coming.

Gonzaga, Oregon and South Carolina in the NCAA Final four? They join North Carolina to create an unexpected Final Four. ESPN reports that only 697 of their nearly 19 million brackets had that exact foursome.

Gonzaga and South Carolina have never been to a final four and an argument can be made that Oregon hasn't either. Technically they were there in 1939 but those were different times and the tournament not what it is today.

So for arguments sake lets say that except for North Carolina this is a Final Four like no other as South Carolina faces Gonzaga in one semi final, which means one of those two will play for it's first ever national title and Oregon-North Carolina collide in the other semi.

If that's not enough West against Carolina basketball for you then let's throw in the CBI Championship series between Wyoming of the Mountain West and Costal Carolina. The two will play a best of three series for the championship.

So Oregon, Gonzaga and Wyoming from the West against the Carolina's, North, South and Coastal respectively.

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