Usually it's a good thing to play at home, but a playoff road game is exactly what the Seahawks need.  Here's why.

There are four playoff games in the NFL this weekend, and three of the home teams are underdogs.  So much for home field advantage.  The road teams are better this weekend, and that bodes well for Seattle.  Plus, we get the vibe that the Seahawks don't care where they play!  Any ole field will do for a good throttling.

One blogger says this is easily the "strongest group of road squads that wild-card weekend has seen since 1990."  Seattle, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, and Green Bay could all win this weekend on the road, because they're good, and well, because their opponents aren't quite as swift.

The Seahawks play at the Vikings on Sunday at 11am our time.  Seattle beat Minnesota 38-7 a month ago, and are favored by 3 points this weekend.  We won't remind the Vikings about the whooping in December, and we won't tell them the Seahawks have won six of their last seven games.  Marshawn Lynch is back, Russell Wilson is healthy, and we have cool uniforms.  What else could we possibly need.

NFL playoff weekends are great aren't they?  It's a little bit about the football games, and a lot about the food and flat screens, trash talking with your friends, and the friendly wagers.  See you at the sports bar.