Overvalued. Frustrating. Stupid. What do those three words have in common?

Survey says...all three of them are frequently used to describe the current state of the Boise real estate market. According to the latest market report from Boise Regional Realtors, the median home price in Ada County was $533,950 in October. That's probably pricier than what you're looking for.

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Even if you did find a home that was just enough outside your budget that you had to take a while to crunch numbers and really think about if it's something you could handle, you likely wouldn't get very long to think. Homes were selling in an average of 23 days.

With those details considered, we're perplexed how a cute little house like this is on the market for a stupidly low price of $35,000 and has gone unsold after 29 days. The home could've very easily been a home that sold for over $350,000 based on other home values in the neighborhood.  Take a look around and see if you can figure out why

Take A Peek Inside 5010 W Alamosa St in Boise

This curiously cheap house is on the market for just $35,000. But...why?

Still stumped? According to the listing only the HOUSE for for sale. Not the entire property. The home will have to be moved at the buyer's expense shortly after they take control of the house. We're not sure if the person who bought the house in June plans on building a new house there or not. We just know they want this one gone.

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