Idaho’s full of small towns. Maybe you grew up in one of them and when you hear the word “redneck,” you can’t help but wonder if your hometown is on this list. 

Merriam-Webster defines redneck as a sometimes disparaging term for a white member of the Southern rural laboring class. Obviously, Idaho isn’t in the south and we don’t always see the term “redneck” as an insult. Why? Because we enjoy plenty of the things that are part of the redneck stereotype: hunting, fishing, driving pick-up trucks, swigging cheap beer on a hot summer night…

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So naturally, we couldn’t help raise an eyebrow when we saw an old video called “The 10 Most Redneck Cities in Idaho Explained” starting to float around social media again. It was put together by a guy named Nick Johnson who did similar videos for 33 other states. We watched a couple of them and are skeptical of how accurate his data is because A LOT of his jokes are repeated from state to state but the formula he claims to have used looks at “all the things that rednecks love”: shootin’, huntin’, fishin’, chewing tobacco and shopping at Walmart.

It appears what he really did was tweak, reuse and borrow jokes from RoadSnacks’ 2015 article by a similar name. It’s a sister site of HomeSnacks. Nick created the YouTube channel for HomeSnacks. The data crunched for the original article included population (they only picked small towns), high school graduation rate, trailer parks per capita, number of tobacco stores/gun shops/places to get fishing gear per city and the number of stores like Walmart, Dollar Tree and Bass Pro Shop within a short driving distance.

Don't have time to watch the video? Here's an easy-to-read version of how the data allegedly shook out.

The 10 Most "Redneck" Towns in Idaho

This list doesn't reflect our station's opinion of whether a town is "redneck" or not! The first half was put together by someone who thinks he's a YouTube comedian. The second half was put together by our listeners!

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