Originally named "BackRub,"—um, weird—Google is the world's most utilized search engine, and it just might be the world's most popular verb of choice.

Today, we Google anything without so much as a second thought.


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All at once, Google can step in on behalf of parents, politicians, doctors, lawyers, nutritionists, musicians, historians, journalists, bankers, teachers, and more to provide users the guidance we seek.

And speaking of guidance, have you ever wondered what Idaho Googles the most?

We most certainly have, but our curiosity didn't stop at the Gem State. Nope. We kept going and found the most Googled "Should I..." questions of the Western United States.

To be honest, they're not what we expected. We thought our journey across the world wide web would deliver deep and probing "Should I's..." like, "Should I question the existence of God?," or "Should I become a foster parent?"

What we found instead might leave you scratching your head.

Check out the most Googled "Should I?" questions of Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming—a round up of America's Western states. 

Have you ever Googled any of these?!


Photo by || Unsplash

The Most Googled "Should I" Questions of America's Western States

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