Whether we admit it out loud or not, sometimes we all get a little jealous of how glamorous some of the photos social media influencers share look. Well, soon there's going to be a place for everyone to catch selfies in a trendy environment!

Have you ever heard of a selfie museum? Apparently, they're the next big thing. Picture an art gallery full of Instagrammable backgrounds and perfect lighting. We're talking splatter paint rooms with swings, glowing neon lights, thrones and slinkies hanging from the ceiling. Photographers, both armatures and pros, can pay an hourly fee to visit and snap as many photos as they like.

In the past, most selfie museums have been pop-up events but throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, entrepreneurs saw them as an opportunity to create some much needed fun and joy in a more permanent setting. Photography sets are easy to distance from each other, wipe down between guests and it's easy to limit capacity.

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Ashley Wilkerson was one of those entrepreneurs that seized that opportunity. According to Boston.com, she's the founder of a company called Selfie WRLD. She's a professional photographer who decided to sell her home during the pandemic to acquire enough money to start her own selfie museum. Following the success of her first studio, she started offering the opportunity the opportunity for aspiring business owners to open their own franchises.

To date, there are close to 30 Selfie WRLD museums in the United States and the brand continues to expand. According to a page we stumbled across on Facebook, Boise will be part of that expansion! The page initially went live in April, but the new franchisees are working through delays, including real estate competition. The ultimate goal is to open later this fall.

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Selfie WRLD Boise has teased a future VIP/Influencer night grand opening party and will share more details on their Facebook page as construction moves forward!

Considering we just paid a stupid amount of money for photos in our cosplay costumes at a Comic Con, we're all about having an awesome place to do something like that here at reasonable price. At other Selfie WRLD locations, sessions start at $25 for adults and $15 for kids.

Want a preview of what's to come? Here are some of the sets from other Selfie WRLD locations!

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