Here in the Treasure Valley, we love a big Boise State win. Over the years, we've seen a lot of them--rarely, have there been any on the world famous Blue Turf. Sure, Nevada is considered a rivalry for Boise State but has it been that difficult?

When Nevada comes to Boise State to play on The Blue, it's simple: they lose. Here is a reminder of just how long it has been...

Throwback Thursday: Five Things Happening When Nevada Won in Boise

It has been a LONG time since the University of Nevada won here in Boise on the blue turf. Although these two teams are considered rivals, many argue that there really hasn't been much competition when it comes to the games. Wondering just how long it has been since Nevada won ON THE BLUE? Well, how's this for some reference..

Do you remember any of these moments from living in that time? Well, no offense--but that was a LONG TIME AGO. 

Here's a subtle reminder of when Boise State lost on the road to Nevada...ranked #4 in the nation with a National Championship in the realm of possibility

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