Idaho Winter Guide: Boise and Meridian Indoor Playgrounds
Playgrounds and parks are one of the very best, if not the very best way for kiddos to play, run, exercise, adventure and even make new friends. It is a vital part of growing up, so what happens when it is snowy and freezing outside? There is a certain point where you can bundle them up and still make an outing of it but at some point in winter it is best to move things indoors and check out one of these great places to play.
Idaho Indoor Winter Activities: A Look at Boise’s Four Trampoline Parks
Over the next few weeks I will feature various things in and around Boise and the Treasure Valley of Idaho winter indoor activities and adventures to keep families, kids, parents, adults and everyone happy and in motion as the approaching cold weather keeps us all indoors more. To start I thought it would be fun to dive into the world of indoor Trampoline parks in the Treasure Valley. There are a four locally to choose from...
How Boise Can Help Kids Around the Globe This Halloween
There is nothing a kid loves more at Halloween than getting a pillowcase so heavy and full of candy that they have to drag it home, and at the same time, there's nothing a parent loves more than having some sort of healthy benefit from that huge sugar stash. This idea is a win-win.
4 Ways the Garden City Library Throws a Mom a Lifeline
The library is a lifesaver for a busy mom. It doesn't have roller coasters or French fries, but it keeps the kids entertained and intrigued, and that puts it on the must-do list. We have four reasons why the Garden City Library could be a highlight of your week.

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