We still remember getting the keys to our first apartment in Boise. As we walked through the front door, we thought to ourselves “WOW! There’s so much room for activities!” 

Lisa Compton/Keller Williams Realty Boise
Lisa Compton/Keller Williams Realty Boise

When you’re a bright-eyed college graduate moving out on their own for the first time, a 714 square foot, one-bedroom apartment really seems enormous…especially after living in a drafty and possibly haunted 186 square foot dorm room for two semesters. At the time, it seemed like more living space than we knew what to do with. 

Twelve years, one spouse, one cat and a lot of clutter later, things are very different. At this point, we know that it’s inevitable that we will be displaced from our three-bedroom, two-bathroom 1124-square-foot apartment. As we feverishly search for a new place to live within a reasonable budget, we caught ourselves wondering “could we be happier with less space?” The anxiety of an unplanned move challenged us to really look at all the things we were hanging onto that we really have no use for. After purging a lot of it, that question keeps creeping back into our thoughts. 

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If you’ve found yourself having a similar inner dialogue, how small of a space do you think you could get by with? Do you think you could be happy in the smallest home currently on the market in Boise? 

Right now, that home is a 474-square-foot home on 25th Street in West Boise. Take a look around and tell us what you think! 

Could You Be Happy Living in Boise's Smallest Home for Sale?

In early June 2022, this West Boise home is the smallest home for sale in Boise. It measures just 474 square feet. Could you see yourself living there?

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