Jake Roh scored three touchdowns Thursday night against New Mexico including a six yard run from the wildcat formation. The big tight end was simply unstoppable as he rumbled in for the score that gave Boise State a 21-7 lead and ultimately a 28-14 win over the New Mexico Lobos.

Roh, injured most of last year has scored four touchdowns in three games this season compared to four td's all last year!

Bronco quarterback Montell Cozart teased Roh that after taking the direct snap from center in the wildcat formation and powering in for a touchdown there was a chance Roh might start at quarterback against Virginia next Friday. Roh said he can hardly throw a ball 30 yards so no chance of that happening!

So much for the fun part of the Boise State offense, there are still issues. There is nothing you can do about injuries. Brett Rypien needed to be on the sideline and Cozart was the only viable option.

Yes the offensive line is young and learning and not every run is going to be a long gainer but my problem is the predictability of the BSU offense.

Every team has tendencies and BSU's is to run up the middle on first down or a key 3rd and 2 it's all the same philosophy. We are going to beat you with power! Unfortunately other teams say bring it on, we have power too. What they don't have is the Boise State ingenuity, a staple of the program and what has made them so fun to watch.

I'm not talking about trick plays I'm talking about inventive plays and an offense that when you least expect it does the unexpected.

Yes sir you still have to run up the gut and that's not always pretty but it does serve a purpose. The key is not to impose your power on someone as much as it is to attack the opponents weakness.  Someone once said, take what they're giving you!

Boise State seemed to expose the Lobo weakness on several plays but too often went back to trying to enforce their will on a New Mexico group not intent on not being pushed around.

Having just Cozart as your QB may have narrowed the play book and the short week kept things basic and yes it all worked out and BSU is 2-1 but if the broncos are to be conference contenders they'll need to polish up the Bronco ingenuity that is their trade mark.

As for the BSU defense, just keep it coming. They're fun to watch, aggressive and will keep this BSU team in every game. They did exactly that against the Lobos holding them to one touchdown until inside the final minute when New Mexico took advantage of a prevent defense and tacked on a final score.

Next up for BSU is Virginia Friday September 22 at 6 p.m.

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