Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has publicly apologized for the January incident in which he had a domestic dispute with his then fiancee.

Rice, who's been suspended for two games by the NFL because of the matter, made no bones about his regret, saying, "My actions that night were totally inexcusable." He also called the episode "the biggest mistake of my life."

Rice, who was raised by a single mother, is well aware this incident can haunt him for years:

That’s something I have to live with the rest of my life. The pain that I’m talking about living with is waking up every day, and my daughter’s two years old now — she’s very smart, very intelligent — and one day she’s going to know the power of Google, and I I’m going to have to explain to her what happened to that night. I know that’s not who I am as a man. That’s not who my mom raised me to be.”

The NFL has come under heavy fire for its handling of the matter, with several critics saying Rice's suspension was not harsh enough.

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