It's not everyday you see an Olympic athlete, let alone an Olympic athlete working out inside the dairy freezer at Albertsons!

"In the milk section?!" was the exact response from one of the surprised shoppers!

Yes! In the milk section. As shoppers strolled by the dairy products at Albertsons off of Broadway Ave, they witnessed former Olympic cyclist Kristin Armstrong and karate champ Ariel Torres training in a specially built, high-tech gym.

The "Got Milk" marketing campaign from the Mars Agency was recently updated and rolled out as, "You're gonna need milk for that." Training for the Olympics seems to fit that slogan perfectly. As part of a "show and don't tell" marketing strategy, Armstrong and Torres demonstrated their skills behind the shelves as shoppers came to pick out a gallon of a milk. Their reactions were priceless and caught on camera to be shared for TikTok ads.

In a statement to AdWeek, Geoff Edwards, executive creative director of MikPEP said, "Our strategy for milk is to drive reconsideration of milk and demonstrate that it isn’t just a complement to cookies—milk fuels athletes. The activation helps “bring to life how athletic performance and milk are inextricably linked.”

Both athletes had only positive things to say about milk. Torres humorously says in the 60-second spot, “I’ve always had milk in my fridge, but I’ve never really trained in a fridge surrounded by milk.”

According to Armstrong, milk is essential to training. It's how I hydrate, how I recover," she says. "It’s important to be at arm’s reach.”

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