Major League Baseball's playoffs are now set, with Wild Card games scheduled for Tuesday (Yankees vs. Astros) and Wednesday (Pirates vs. Cubs) and the Division Series due to kick off on Friday. Unfortunately that means that we won't get to see any champagne- and beer-soaked clubhouse victory parties for a while, not till the World Series champion is crowned. But here's a unique look into baseball's wild and crazy post-playoff-clinching fiesta world, courtesy of Michael Conforto, a rookie left-fielder for the New York Mets.

Conforto strapped a camera to his hat and wandered through the locker room, dodging flying corks and exploding foam rockets, eventually heading out onto the field where it was just more of the same. Not many of us will ever get to experience a party like this, so take a look and try to soak it all in (heh).

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