This was the scene today as the new blue turf at Albertson's Stadium continues to be installed and if you've had a time to peek into the stadium you can't help but notice the new blue is really blue!

Remember, the blue you're looking at right now the color before all of those black rubber pellets are thrown on the field to make it bouncy and safer for players.

The pellets tone down the blue which today was especially blue as it shone in the sunlight.

The ultimate deadline is Friday September 6th when the Broncos open the home season hosting Marshall but the turf will be in long before that and in fact the first big event on the new blue will be the Garth Brooks concert July 20th.

I know, Garth won't exactly be playing on the blue but I couldn't help myself! It's the first ever major concert at Albertsons/formerly Bronco Stadium and they expected to fit 40,000 folks into the venue.

Tickets go on sale May 17th and all tickets are reserved, there is an 8-ticket limit and with service charges the tickets are $94.95 each!

Might have been nice to have a Blue's Singer on the blue but I'm sure Garth Brooks will toss some country blues into the mix and the concert will be a huge touchdown complete with a two point conversion.


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