Lebron James has been replaced by Steph Curry and possibly Kevin Durant as the NBA's most dominant players currently in the league.  I say this as a huge fan of Lebron and his accomplishment both on and off the court.  However, only the king is responsible for another Cleveland defeat. The homecoming to Cleveland was supposed to be a coronation for King James. The Akron Saint Vincent/ Saint Mary's product was coming home a champion. His only goal was to bring a championship to the city on the lake that hasn't happened since the presidency of Lyndon Baines Johnson. Instead, Lebron has been exposed as a meddling GM wannabee and a player who'd rather pass than make it happen.

(On a personal note, I like Lebron. He's an unmatched role model and ambassador to our hometown of Akron, Ohio. Lebron donates his time, money, and resources to making the once former rubber capital of the world a better place. Yearly his charity gives hundreds, if not thousands, of bicycles to inner city kids who's parents can't afford the bikes. He's partnered with my alma mater, the University of Akron to strengthen its educational programs for teachers.)

So how does one blame one player for a team's inability to beat perhaps one of the greatest teams of all time? Didn't Lebron single handily carry the Cavs to six games against the Warriors last year? Yes, Lebron was great last year, this year, with more weapons and his personal coach, it appears the king has regressed.

Lebron James is the only person responsible for Cleveland's predictable collapse. James picked the players, approved the trades, and picked Coach Tyrone Lue of David Blatt. Lue was supposed to motivate the Cavs to a finals victory. Instead, he's been exposed as an inexperienced coach that has failed to develop a game plan to derail the Warriors. Lue also has forgotten that he has a bench overplaying James and Kyrie Irving during their finals games. Lue was the pick of James, who wanted Blatt out.

The roster was handpicked by James and his childhood friends that run his various agencies. The Cavs caved to the James Camp, and we now see the results. Not a highly contested fight, but a team that has quit on its biggest stage. The critics blamed Kevin Love, while the real blame goes to Lebron. Remember all the videos like the one below?

It seems that they had more heart for the Nike ad than the floor at Quicken floor. Great players accept the responsibility and look to make it happen. If James wants his crown back from Curry or Durant, they He's got to start being the king instead of pretending to be one.



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