Is it time for NASCAR to slow down or speed up?  Vote Now!  Thankfully Austin Dillion is safe after that horrific crash early Monday morning in Daytona.  Many drivers, fans, owners, and members of the media have begun to wonder if NASCAR is too dangerous.  Former driver Kenny Wallace said, ‘The appeal of danger. Listen, we sign up to get killed’ , in an interview with  He continued to share his emotions following the incident.

“I was like anybody else where I was in shock,” Wallace said. “You know when you see an athlete pole vault in the Olympics? It was almost as if somebody vaulted that car. That’s what shocked me at first. Then I went into leadership mode. I’m a leader, I’m a dad, a husband and then I have people that work for me, so I went into my leadership role. I said, ‘Oh my God, we’ve got to stop this. What can we do?’”

Is it time for NASCAR to put more safety measures in place to protect the drivers and the fans?  Vote Now!

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