Have you ever thought about where you would move if you won the lottery? Would you leave Idaho or would you use your millions to move to the ritziest neighborhood in the state? Then here’s where you want to look! 

Margaret and David Sundholm/Sun Valley Life Real Estate
Margaret and David Sundholm/Sun Valley Life Real Estate

In early May, Realtor.com sought out to find the most expensive zip codes in the United States. In order to do that, they looked at the most recent median list price data for March. They limited themselves to just the most expensive zip code in each state while putting together their final list. When all was said and done, not only did they reveal Idaho’s most expensive zip code, it turns out that it’s also one of the most expensive zip codes in the entire country.

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That zip code? 83353. Sun Valley. At the time, the median list price was $4 million, making it the #10 most expensive zip code on Realtor.com’s list. 

Zillow’s data set is a little bit different. They have a set of data called the Zillow Home Value Index that represents the “typical” home value for an area. If you average out their data over the past 12 months, that number for Sun Valley was $2,194,443. By their numbers Sun Valley was still the most expensive zip code in Idaho. Out of the more than 27,000 zip codes they pulled data from, Sun Valley was #142. 

So what does the inside of a multi-million dollar in Idaho’s hoity-toity neighborhood look like? See for yourself! 

One of America's Most Expensive Neighborhoods is In Idaho

According to several sources, 83353 is the most expensive zip code in Idaho and one of the most expensive in the United States. What sort of houses are on the market in Sun Valley? Here's what thinks looked like in early June 2022.

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